Buy Flowering shrubs in Ontario

Where do you go to buy flowering shrubs in Ontario? Visit Little Tree Garden Market! This is a boutique garden centre and a beautiful place to visit if you’re looking for flowering shrubs, as this garden shop offers customers a great range of flowering shrubs for sale. Flowering shrubs can be found in all shapes and sizes and are commonly used for privacy or to determine borders within a garden or between multiple ones. All in all, flowering shrubs are necessary for any gardener in Elmira, Grande Valley or Rockwood.

Flowering shrubs in Ontario at Little Tree Garden Market

How to maintain flowering shrubs in Ontario

When to prune flowering shrubs? This is a question that our staff at Little Tree gets asked very frequently. While most flowering shrubs require little care, pruning your flowering shrubs regularly and correctly will not only benefit their health but will also ensure a good and fresh look all year round.

So, how do you prune a flowering shrub? First of all, pruning should be done after flowering. Since most flowering shrubs bloom throughout the summer, the best time to start pruning is when the flowers start dying out. Start by cutting off all dead flowers, foliage and branches. Then, cut off excess branches that prohibit main branches from developing optimally. Finally, consider the shape you want your flowering shrub to have, and prune accordingly.

Flowering bushes at Little Tree Garden Market

Besides flowering bushes, the Little Tree Garden Market assortment also consists of many other gardening supplies. For instance, you can also visit this garden centre for a range of pottery, hanging basketshouseplants, annuals, succulents, perennials, garden ornaments and many more items. Which garden centre has trees for sale? Trees, flowering trees and even evergreen bushes can also be found in Little Tree’s collection. When ordering your favourite plants, use our plant delivery service, especially if you are a local.

Do you want to learn more about Little Tree Garden Market? This idyllic garden shop is located near Ontario, Alma and Guelph. The main goal of this garden centre is to create unity between customers. Little Tree wants its clientele to come closer to themselves, nature and each other through doing what they love most: gardening. Little Tree Garden Market offers customers over 100 years of plant nursery experience, providing high-quality greenery and excellent customer service to all visitors.

Beautiful flowering shrubs in Ontario at Little Tree Garden Market

Visit garden centre Little Tree Garden Market

What time does the garden centre open? If you want to stop by Little Tree Garden Market, you’ll be able to do so any day of the week. We’re also open to customers all year round! If you need more detailed information regarding our schedule, please refer to our contact information page.

A visit to Little Tree Garden Market comes with many valuable services and facilities you can use to your liking. Some of our store facilities include local plant delivery service, great wheelchair accessibility, free parking, easy access to the store from Highway 6, and custom potting and landscape design services. There are plenty of reasons to visit Little Tree Garden Market as soon as possible, so see you soon in our garden shop!