Plants are a beautiful way of decorating your garden and interior, but it's the pottery that gives the finishing touch to make it all come together. At Little Tree Garden Market, you will find all different kinds of pottery for indoor use and for outdoor use. Your garden, balcony, and interior will look amazing when you have suitable pottery. Explore our product range to find different types, styles and sizes of pottery. 

Tips & Tricks: find the right pot

Which pot should you choose for your plant? What types of plant pots are available, and what are their benefits? It might sound simple to select a pot appropriate for the size and type of plant. But some extra guidelines might be helpful, so we're happy to give you some tips and tricks.

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One of the things to consider is the type of drainage holes required for the plants' needs. Some plants need more water than others and require a pot with drainage holes that prevent root rot from developing. When you buy new plants, make sure to read their drainage needs.

Different Types of Plant Pots in Fergus

There are several different types of pots. You can choose between materials such as plastic, clay, or ceramic. Plants prefer different materials for various reasons. For example, smaller plants like terracotta pots because they dry out faster than other types of pottery. But bigger plants might not be able to fit in a terracotta pot. Plastic pots are suitable for any size plant because they're lightweight and easy to move around. Clay pots are also trendy because they're affordable and attractive, but they are not suitable for outside. Ceramic pots are somewhat more expensive than clay, but they last longer and are famous for indoor planters. Besides the material, it's essential to consider the correct size. Depending on how fast the plant will grow, we advise buying a bigger pot than the plastic container in which you buy the plants. This gives some space for the plant to develop and grow. 

Stylish Plant Pots in Drayton

We can mention all the plant's needs, but of course, the style also plays an important role. That's why the sizes, shapes and colours are diverse. For every space, your wishes may vary. Have a look at our pottery section in-store!

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