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Garden ornaments add a great touch of elegance to any garden in Ontario. But where do you go to buy garden ornaments? The best ornaments can, of course, be found at Little Tree Garden Market. If you happen to live near Fergus or Grande Valley, this boutique garden shop is easily reachable from where you live. Getting your garden ornament from Little Tree Garden Market guarantees high quality and endless enjoyment of your newest addition to your backyard. Besides garden ornaments, many other products and facilities can be found at our garden centre in Fergus, including a landscape design service. And the best thing? It is only a short drive from the following places!

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How To Secure Garden Ornaments

While having a garden ornament is impressive and greatly elevates your backyard, ornaments can be fragile and aren’t always resistant to weather changes or other threats. Before you know it, a garden ornament can fall or get damaged, so knowing how to secure it is key to getting as much fun out of your ornament as possible.

Garden ornaments, exceptionally tall in comparison to their width, are prone to falling. A few measures can be taken to keep a garden ornament from tipping over; attach it to a nearby object like a wall, make it a cement foot to provide more stability or bury the bottom so the soil can keep it standing up.

Lightweight ornaments, like glass or plastic ones, tend to fall over easily. Finally, bird baths could tip over from the sheer weight of birds sitting on top of it, so make sure to secure those too.

Wide Range of Ornaments for the Garden

Garden ornaments come in all shapes and sizes, and Little Tree Garden Market offers gardeners in the region of Arthur, Elmira and Salem an extensive range to choose from. Visit our store to enjoy all of the beautiful water ornaments we sell.

  • Hanging ornaments for the garden have become more popular over the years. These will usually be hung in tree branches or from roofs, to add a fun pop of colour to an outside space. Hanging light ornaments are also commonly used.
  • As the name already suggests, bird ornaments are meant to attract birds to a backyard. Bird ornaments can serve as nesting boxes, feeding stations or bird baths, all perfect for supporting your local avifauna.
  • Glass ornaments tend to be very colourful and eccentrically shaped. Glass garden ornaments will be right up your alley if you want your garden to stand out and send a personal message to anyone walking by. Remember that glass garden ornaments may be fragile and sharp when accidentally broken, so keep them away from small children and pets.

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Can I buy garden ornaments at a garden centre? If this is a question you’ve asked yourself, we’ve got some good news. If you live near Palmerston or Rockwood, you can simply visit Little Tree Garden Market for a wide range of beautiful garden ornaments. Our garden shop provides our clientele with the best products, plants and advice. A visit to our store also means having access to all of our customer services and facilities, like including local plant delivery service, great wheelchair accessibility, free parking, easy access to the store from highway 6, custom potting and landscape design services. Besides garden ornaments, Little Tree Garden Market also sells houseplantssucculentsperennials, garden plants, flowering treesflowering shrubsfruit treesannualshanging basketsflowers, gifts and bouquets, gardening tools and many other useful supplies. See you soon at Little Tree Garden Market!

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