Buy shade perennials in Ontario

Where to buy shade perennials in Ontario? If you’re looking for shade perennials and live near Kitchener, Waterloo or Belwood, visit Little Tree Garden Market today! This boutique garden centre is a beautiful place to visit, as it offers customers a great range of shade perennials. On top of that, a visit to Little Tree comes with an array of services and facilities to enjoy, like our landscape design service. Come by our garden shop in Fergus and enjoy a vast range of the best shade perennials near you.

Shade perennials Ontario at Little Tree Garden Market

Suitable perennials for shade in Ontario

Perennials are plants that live through the winter. This allows for a lot of investment in your garden, as you can keep your plants around for as long as you like to keep them looking green and fresh. If you live in a big city or near a forest and your garden doesn’t get much sunlight, shade perennials offer the perfect solution. Pick from a fantastic assortment of shade perennials that will liven up your garden instantly.

Which perennials like the shade? Even if your garden doesn’t get quite the sunbath you’d like, you can still create the garden of your dreams. Some of the most popular perennials include:

  • Hostas, beautiful tropical green plants with elegant leaves.
  • Spiderwort, loved by many for its dainty little purple flowers.
  • Violas, one of the best-known shade perennials.
  • Ferns, perfectly adapted to a life out of the sunlight.
  • Toad lilies, true eyecatchers because of their extravagant spotted flowers.

Shade perennials for a lovely garden

What are the best shade perennials for your garden? Since the possibilities are endless regarding the wide range of shade perennials you can choose from, the answer to this question is entirely up to you. Are you experiencing decision fatigue caused by the extensive selection of shade perennials Little Tree Garden Market offers you? In that case, we’re happy to help you sort out which shade perennials best fit the space you work with.

First, knowing how much space needs to be covered in shade perennials is essential. Since certain perennials take up more space than others, the right shade perennial for you might differ. Smaller flowered perennials probably fit you best if you’re simply looking to fill a few square feet, like flower baskets on a balcony. A bigger garden might be incredibly suitable for a ground cover shade perennial, that will grow in width rather than in height.

If you need perennials for half-shade, try to opt for tall plants. These start in the shade and will quickly make their way to sunnier terrain up top.

Beautiful shade perennials in Ontario at Little Tree Garden Market

Buy shade perennials at Little Tree Garden Market

What time does the garden centre open? Little Tree Garden Market is open 7 days a week, meaning you can stop by to enjoy our shade perennials anytime you please. Upon visiting our garden shop, don’t forget to enjoy our facilities and services, including local plant delivery service, excellent wheelchair accessibility, free parking, easy access to the store from highway 6, custom potting and landscape design services. Besides shade perennials, Little Tree Garden Market also sells houseplantssucculents, garden plants, flowering trees, flowering shrubs, fruit treesannualshanging baskets, gifts, garden ornaments and bouquets, gardening tools and many other useful supplies. See you soon at Little Tree Garden Market!