Tropical plants can brighten up any room or space. They add colour, texture and life to the interior, and they are a great mood-booster. At LittleTree Garden Market, you will find different kinds of tropical houseplants that give your interior just that little extra touch of colour. Want to grow something pretty and exotic in your home? Whether you live in a cold climate or not, you can find a tropical plant to bring some of the tropics inside. These plants love the warmth and humidity of your home, and there are plenty of varieties to choose from. Visit our store in Fergus for more tropical houseplants. 

How to care for your Houseplants Guide

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What is a tropical plant?

A tropical plant is any plant that originates from a hot, humid environment. They are typically found in the tropics but can also be found in climates that are very warm year-round. These plants are often favoured because they are hearty and thrive in humid or high water content areas. Some of our popular tropical plants are:

  • Bird of Paradise
  • Amazon Elephant's Ear
  • Cordyline
  • Peace Lily
  • Orchids

.. And many more! In our store, you'll find many other types of tropical houseplant that brighten your mood and your interior. 

How to care for your tropical plants?

The most important part of caring for your plants is regulating light, temperature, and water.

Most tropical plants thrive in a bright room with direct sunlight. They can also be kept in shaded areas with indirect sunlight. If you have an office space with fluorescent lights or under-counter lighting, that's enough. Many plants will survive with only a few hours of sun a day.  

When it comes to watering, don't overwater! Ensure the plant is watered thoroughly, but ensure that excess water drains out from the pot before giving it more water. You want to keep the roots from getting too saturated as they might start to rot away. Plants need less water in colder months because they are dormant during this time of year. They will require more water in warmer months because they are growing more quickly.

To keep your plants looking their best, you will have to do some work on them regularly: trimming leaves and stems, fertilizing and repotting (which should be done every couple of years). 

How to choose the right tropical plant for your wishes?

Tropicals aren't too hard to care for. It's essential to know the specific plant's needs for light and watering. Some plants need frequent misting, and others may need more direct sunlight. To pick the right plants for your house and your wishes, feel free to ask us any of your questions. You're welcome to contact us by phone or email for any questions, or stop by at our store and ask our staff any other questions you may have.

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