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Where to buy flowering trees in Waterloo? Flowering trees add majesty, elegance and a pop of colour to any garden. Flowering trees also exist in many shapes and sizes; pick from small flowering trees, little trees and even white flowering trees. Where do you go for an extensive range of high-quality flowering trees if you live near Waterloo? Little Tree Garden Market, of course! This is a boutique garden centre and a beautiful place to visit if you’re looking for a new flowering tree. Besides our great range of flowering trees, our range also consists of many other unique products.

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Beautiful flowering trees in Waterloo

How do you care for a flowering tree? While most flowering trees require less care than you’d think, knowing how to maintain a healthy and fresh-looking flowering tree is essential to keep your garden looking good. Little Tree Garden Market has curated a few valuable tips for you, so you’re prepared for your own flowering tree!

When planting your first flowering tree, consider the amount of sunlight and the type of soil your tree needs. While some trees may thrive in lots of sunlight and dry, sandy soils, others prefer more shade and moist clay soil.

When to fertilize flowering trees? The best moment to do this is right after summer, usually when the tree has just finished blooming. This allows the tree to recover from the intense blooming period. This same period is also when you need to prune your flowering tree. Cut off all dead flowers and branches that have grown too long, to ensure your flowering tree keeps an excellent shape.

Flowering trees for sale at Little Tree Garden Market

Which garden centre near you has trees for sale? If you live in or near Waterloo, Little Tree Garden Market is the best place to go. Little Tree Garden Market is a garden centre located in Fergus and offers customers a fantastic assortment of home-grown plants in all shapes and sizes, fruit trees and many more. You can enjoy our plant delivery service when buying plants from this garden shop, especially locally.

A visit to Little Tree Garden Market comes with many services and facilities you can use. Think of great wheelchair accessibility in our store, free parking, easy access from highway 6, custom potting, landscape design services and consistent opening times year-round. Plenty of reasons to visit Little Tree Garden Market as soon as possible!

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What time does the garden centre open? If you’re planning on visiting Little Tree Garden Market, you’ll be happy to hear that this garden centre located in Fergus is open 7 days a week. For more detailed opening hours, visit our contact information page. Besides flowering trees, Little Tree Garden Market also sells houseplants, succulents, garden plants, perennials, annualshanging baskets, gifts, garden ornaments and bouquets, gardening tools and many other useful supplies.

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