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Buying flowers for your garden in Kitchener is always great; nowadays, it’s easier than ever! Simply visit Little Tree Garden Market, your local garden shop. If you’re looking for new flowers to plant in your backyard, Little Tree Garden Market is the perfect place to visit, since we stock an enormous variety of garden flowers. These can all be enjoyed in our store, so if you happen to live in Kitchener, visiting it is highly recommended for Little Tree Garden Market is a boutique garden centre and a beautiful place to visit; it stocks a great range of beautiful flowers and thanks to its friendly and knowledgeable staff, it can provide customers with the best flowers and personal gardening advice.

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Everyone enjoys a well-kempt garden filled with luscious plants, flowering shrubsflowering trees, fruit trees and more. However, we must keep in mind the work of keeping all your garden plants happy and healthy. It’s common to lose track of your plants’ needs and forget to cater to their preferences. Luckily, Little Tree Garden Market loves to help fellow gardening enthusiasts out. Here are some tips and tricks that will come in handy when caring for your flowers!

Watering during the summer is essential to ensure your flowers get enough moisture. Nonetheless, watering should be done in the right way. What is the right way, you may ask? Water during dawn or dusk, not in the middle of the day, to avoid too much water evaporating in the heat. Also, make sure to water close to the roots, as water drops on leaves act as a magnifying glass in the sunlight and can cause burns.

Different flowers prefer different types of soils. For instance, flowers from warm and dry climates shouldn’t be placed in moist clay soils, and flowers from humid areas probably don’t do well in dry and sandy spots.

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What is the best flower shop near Kitchener? Little Tree Garden Market should be the first place you visit if you're looking for gorgeous garden flowers and bouquets. While this garden shop primarily focuses on gardening supplies like plants, garden ornaments and hand tools, Little Tree Garden Market also has its own flower shop where you can buy beautiful bouquets! All in all, Little Tree Garden Market is the best florist near Kitchener.

Are you interested in other garden products Little Tree Garden Market offers? A visit to our store in Fergus will give you access to a wide range of garden products, like hand tools, houseplants, hanging baskets, succulents, shade perennialsshade annuals, soils and mulches, all kinds of pottery and even gift cards for your loved ones. If you need gardening supplies, Little Tree Market is definitely the place to be!

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If you live near Kitchener, Little Tree Garden Market is very close to you. Besides a wide range of unique products, Little Tree Garden Market also offers customers a variety of benefits and facilities; you can enjoy our local delivery service, excellent wheelchair accessibility, free parking and custom potting, among other things! Our staff can always ask any questions or concerns regarding our product range or our services.

What time does the garden centre close? Little Tree Garden Market is open 7 days a week. Take a look at our contact information page for the most detailed schedule.

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