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What is the best garden centre near Rockwood? That’s Little Tree Garden Market, of course! This garden centre near you is a true boutique garden centre and a beautiful place to visit. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful, providing clients with the best plants and advice for their gardens. Visit our store to enjoy an extensive range of homegrown plants in all shapes and sizes.

What does Little Tree Garden Market stand for? A visit to our store means creating a relationship with nature, the community and most of all: yourself. Adorn your personal space with the most beautiful greenery and meet fellow gardening enthusiasts. Take time to do what you enjoy most.

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Extensive range at garden centre Little Tree Garden Market near Rockwood

Little Tree Garden Centre offers a wide variety of gardening supplies. What is the product range of the garden centre? Visit our store near Rockwood to enjoy our extensive selection of gardening products. This includes custom container creations, as well as planting. To give you a better idea of our product assortment, we’ll walk you through it:

You’ll find plenty of houseplants here at Little Tree Garden Market. Species like succulents, bonsais, air plants, ferns and even houseplant care can all be found in our garden shop.

  • Pottery is necessary to keep your houseplants indoors without making a mess out of your interior. Since we sell many different types of plant pots, for example hanging pots, you can also use our pottery outside.
  • Any practical supplies for your garden, like hand tools, accessories, garden ornaments, soils and mulches, make up part of our assortment.
  • Beautiful flowers
  • Flowering trees and fruit trees add majesty, elegance and a pop of colour to any garden
  • Finally, Little Tree Garden Market offers a wide range of outdoor plants. We've covered you if you’re looking for shade annuals, shade perennials, flowering shrubs, vines or even trees!

Which garden centre is open near Rockwood

If you live near Rockwood and are planning on visiting Little Tree Garden Market, make sure to be aware of our opening hours. Luckily, our store is open seven days a week, so you have plenty of time to stop by our store! If you’re looking for more detailed information on our closing times, feel free to consult our contact information page. Little Tree Garden Market is located in Fergus, a place near Rockwood.

Why should you visit Little Tree Garden Market? First, a visit to this garden shop guarantees a wide selection of high-quality products. All of our plants are home-grown, and we’ve got over 100 years of experience. This way, you’ll know you’ll be provided great products and fantastic service.

Are you interested in learning more about the various brands we stock? Take a look at our range, consisting of all kinds of renowned brands like:

  • All Treat Farms
  • Scotts/Fafard
  • Proven Winners
  • Gaia Green
  • Myke
  • OSC seeds
  • Tourne-Sol seeds
  • Speare Seeds
  • Promix
  • Safer's

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Where is the nearest garden centre? If you live near Rockwood, Little Tree Garden Market is very easy to reach for you. Since this garden centre also offers a fantastic product range, visiting this store is highly recommended if you need new gardening supplies. On top of unique products, a visit to Little Tree Garden Market also comes with many benefits and facilities; enjoy our local delivery service, excellent wheelchair accessibility, free parking, custom potting and more! Do you have any questions regarding our products, facilities or service? Our friendly staff is always happy to help and provide you with any needed information. You can visit our Fergus store or use our contact information. See you soon at Little Tree Garden Market!

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