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Where to buy tropical plants near Drayton? Little Tree Garden Market is a boutique garden centre and a beautiful place to visit for any gardener! Many greenery enthusiasts from your area have already been very positive about this garden centre’s fantastic range of tropical plants. Plants bought at Little Tree Garden Market are home-grown, and because of the staff’s knowledge and friendliness, a visit to this shop will provide clients with the best plants available, as well as personal advice for you and your garden. Don’t hesitate and visit Little Tree Garden Market today! This garden store is very well reachable from Drayton.


Buy high-quality indoor plants near Drayton

Before visiting Little Tree Garden Market, you might just ask yourself questions about this garden centre’s product range. What can you come to Little Tree for? We stock a fantastic range of beautiful tropical plants, so visit our indoor plants home depot.

Taking good care of your indoor plants is of utmost importance to ensure they live a happy and healthy life. For example, many people don’t know how- and when to start to fertilise indoor plants. Luckily, Little Tree Garden Market is here to help you out and provide you with some valuable tips on indoor plant care:

  • First of all, fertilising is key. However, it should be done with great care, as reckless fertilising can threaten your plant’s health. When fertilising, carefully read the instructions on the package and never over fertilise, as this could severely damage your plant’s roots. Also, ensure not to fertilise during winter or if your plant suffers from a disease or parasites.
  • Make sure to take into account the positioning of your tropical plant. While some plants thrive in endless sunlight, others prefer shade. Pick the right spot for each tropical plants to cater to its needs.
  • Finally, don’t forget to repot your tropical plants regularly. A tropical plant will grow in size over time, and so will its roots. Switch out your plant’s pot, for example your hanging basket, for a bigger one at least once a year, and replace the soil as well.

Visit our plant shop near Drayton

Why should you visit Little Tree Garden Market? The garden centre’s goal is to unite customers with each other, creating relationships between gardeners, built on their shared love for their favourite pastime. Come in contact with flowers and nature, all from the comfort of your own home and spend your time doing what you enjoy most. That’s what Little Tree aims to achieve. Little Tree Garden Market offers customers over 100 years of plant nursery experience, providing high-quality greenery and excellent customer service to all visitors.

Visit Little Tree Garden Market for a wide range of home-grown plants and many popular species. For example, If you need a new houseplant, Little Tree Garden Market is the perfect place to get it. Pick from a wide range of succulents, bonsais, air plants, ferns and more. Besides indoor plants, an extensive assortment of outdoor plants can also be found in Little Tree’s collection. Pick from shade annuals, shade perennials, flowering shrubs, vines and an elaborate display of trees, flowering trees and fruit trees.


Little Tree Garden Market,  close to Drayton: A beautiful place to visit

Do you live in Drayton? That means Little Tree Garden Market is very easily reachable for you. What are the garden centre’s opening hours? If you’re planning on visiting this garden shop in Fergus, having some knowledge of Little Tree’s opening hours is very useful. Luckily, this garden centre is open 7 days a week, meaning you have plenty of time to stop by for a visit. More details regarding the garden centre’s schedule can be found on our contact information page. Make sure to enjoy our facilities, like local delivery service, excellent wheelchair accessibility, free parking and custom potting.

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