Shade Annuals Drayton

Where to buy shade annuals in Drayton? If you need shade annuals for your garden and reside close to Drayton, it’s time to visit Little Tree Garden Market! This boutique garden centre is a beautiful place to visit, as it offers customers a great range of shade annuals. Besides, visiting our garden shop allows customers to enjoy many other gardening products and services, like our landscape design service. Come to Little Tree Market and look at a fantastic assortment of high-quality shade annuals near you.

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Good annuals for shade near Drayton

Annuals are plants that only live a single year. This allows for great versatility in your garden, as you can regularly change your plant collection. If you live in a shady area, like a big city or a forest, your garden doesn’t get much sunlight. As a result, shade annuals are the ideal option for you. Choose your favourite plants from a wide selection of shade annuals that will upgrade your garden in no time.

Which annuals thrive in the shade? Even if your garden isn’t very sunlit, you still have endless gardening possibilities. Some best-selling shade-loving annuals include:

  • Balsam, a smaller plant with dainty yet flashy flowers.
  • Calendula, known and loved for the cheerful orange they add to your garden.
  • Coleus, a plant with eye-catching hot pink leaves.
  • Fuchia, the classic pink and purple flowers.
  • Lobelia, a versatile plant with small blue flowers.

Shade annuals for a lovely garden

Which shade annuals suit your garden best? Since there are so many shade annuals to pick from, you have complete control over what you want to fill your space with. Do you have a hard time choosing? No problem, as we’re always ready to give you useful tips and advice on any gardening problem you struggle with.

Start off by knowing your workspace. Certain shade annuals will inevitably take up more of your space than others, so it’s essential to pick your plants accordingly. For example, filling a simple balcony planter with a fast-growing green ground covering shade annual will probably not give you the result you’re looking for. In this case, opting for a more diminutive annual with colourful flowers is perhaps best.

Fill half-shade spaces with taller shade annuals. These start in the shade and will quickly make their way to the sun upon growing.

High-quality shade annuals at Little Tree Garden Market

What time does the garden centre open? You can visit Little Tree Garden Market whenever you like, as our garden shop is open 7 days a week! We’re also open year-round. If you need more detailed information regarding our schedule, please refer to our contact information page.

When visiting Little Tree Garden Market, don’t forget to enjoy the various services and facilities that we offer our customers. These include local plant delivery service, excellent wheelchair accessibility, free parking, easy access to the store from highway 6, and custom potting and landscape design services. Besides shade annuals, Little Tree Garden Market also sells houseplantssucculentsperennials, garden plants, garden ornaments, flowering treesflowering shrubsfruit treeshanging basketsflowers, gifts and bouquets, gardening tools and many other useful supplies. See you soon at Little Tree Garden Market!

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