How to Get your Garden Staycation-Ready

How to Get your Garden Staycation-Ready

This summer, don’t spend your precious holiday time stuck in traffic or standing in airport queues. Step outside to your own garden and have a fantastic stress-free staycation at home. Here’s how to get your garden staycation-ready and some great ideas for holiday fun on your own doorstep.

Ideas for a Holiday at Home

  • Before your holiday starts, set aside a few hours to prepare your staycation garden space. Think of all that time you’re saving by not being stuck in holiday traffic or at an airport, and use some of this time to get your staycation space ready instead. Put away any stray garden tools and other bits and pieces lying about the garden. Schedule a trip to your local recycling centre to get rid of things that you no longer need. Mow the lawn so that it’s off your conscience. Once you’re on holiday, you don’t want to be reminded of work!

  • Do some grocery shopping to have a good supply of your favourite holiday snacks, and check out some delivery options to have a favourite meal delivered. Italian one night, Chinese the next – your staycation virtual travel budget knows no limits!

  • If you have the space, set aside an area of the garden for your staycation, where no work is allowed. Choose somewhere with easy access to the kitchen for essential holiday snacks and cool drinks from the fridge. Set up deckchairs, string a hammock between trees or just lay out a rug and some cushions, and you’re all set for your staycation.

  • Turn your seating area into your favourite holiday destination. Add a Mediterranean touch with colourful geraniums in terracotta pots, or go for a seaside destination with blue and white throws on the furniture and candle lanterns on the tables. Add a few strings of fairy lights to give those long summer evenings a magical feel.

  • Go camping in your own backyard. Set up tents in the garden, dig out the barbeque or splash out on a fire pit and sit around the fire in the evening roasting marshmallows and stargazing before snuggling up in your sleeping bags for the night. And there’s no need to queue for the loo in the morning!

  • Hire a projector and set up your own outdoor cinema. A white sheet fixed to a wall or fence makes a perfect screen. Fill bowls with your favourite popcorn flavour and invite a few friends to enjoy movie night!

  • Keep the kids entertained with a treasure hunt through the garden, and fill up a wading pool, so they have somewhere to cool off on sunny days. You might enjoy it yourselves as well!

  • Create your own sports tournament. There’s no shortage of sports to pick from, darts, badminton, croquet, quoits or even Twister! Don’t forget the awards ceremony and a bottle of something fizzy for the winners’ celebrations.

Our centre is packed with ideas for summer fun in the garden, so visit us today and get the holiday started!

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