Top 6 Reasons to Start Organic Gardening

Top 6 Reasons to Start Organic Gardening

These top 6 reasons to start organic gardening are some of the many reasons to practice organic gardening, whether you have a large garden, a patio, balcony, or allotment. Organic gardening is how plants and vegetables were cultivated many years ago before more environmentally damaging garden practices were introduced. If you are starting your gardening journey or have been gardening for many years, adopting organic gardening methods will benefit you and your garden.

  1. It's easier

You might think that not using pesticides will make life more complicated because of pests and diseases, but once you have a fully biodiverse space, you will find that nature takes care of itself. This means it's less work for you! Allowing some areas to grow wild, leaving aphids to be eaten by ladybirds and slugs to be enjoyed by hedgehogs, means watching nature in action without having to do anything yourself.

  1. It costs less

You won't be spending so much money if you aren't buying pesticides or other gardening chemicals. To feed plants, you can make your own organic feed from comfrey diluted with water and the same for nettles.

  1. It's beneficial to the environment

When you garden organically, the environment will benefit because you won't be adding anything unwanted to nature. It is about remembering that nature knows best and working with nature rather than against it. When you garden with this in mind, you will be ensuring pollutants aren't in the soil or air.

  1. It's good for your health

Gardening organically means you won't be subjecting yourself, your family, your plants, and ultimately, the food you grow to toxins that are bad for your health. It is known that if the food isn't organic, it will have less nutritional value. Organic gardening means you will be nurturing nature, growing flowers and food to nourish yourself the way nature intended.

  1. It's tastier

Organic seeds, fruit, and vegetables are known to be tastier, more disease-resistant, and better for the environment. So, when you next grow your own, look out for organic options and then choose organic practices for all of the best flavours as they grow.

  1. It's good for the soil

Organic gardening focuses a great deal on soil health. By adding well-rotted organic matter to the soil and nothing that shouldn't be used, soil health will improve rather than depleted in nutrients. Soil is essential for a thriving garden and has many other environmental benefits, so it is key to look after it as nature intended.

When you use organic practices to garden, your garden will thank you for it.

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