Brighten up the dark days with a new houseplant

Brighten up the dark days with a new houseplant

Treat yourself to a nice green houseplant, now we're transitioning to colder and darker days! You don't have to do much to keep a houseplant in good condition and the benefits of having more greenery in your home are endless.

Worried you won't manage? No worries, here are some tips to help you and your new houseplant get through the fall and winter!

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Houseplants don't like dry air

In a heated room, the air is often dry: not ideal for humans, animals and plants! You might get dry eyes, and a plant gets discoloured leaves. If the tips of the leaves turn brown, it could mean there is (too) little moisture in the air. In that case, put a bowl or tray with small stones and some water under the plant to ensure the right humidity. 

The right temperature is important for houseplants

Most plants don't like big temperature fluctuations. Try to find a spot in the house that suits the plant's own microclimate. Indirect light is often best for most plants, especially in winter. Be careful about putting your houseplants in full sun on the windowsill. The big temperature swings from hot to cold are often too severe for most tropical houseplants.

Houseplants are fun, even if you don't have a green thumb

Just don't have a green thumb? Get a plant that doesn't need as much attention, water and care, such as a succulent or a cactus. Added bonus: these varieties are really trendy at the moment. Nice to combine with a hanging plant or under a glass bell. Succulents fit into almost any interior. Most tropical specimens prefer a humid environment, which you can simulate by regularly misting them with rainwater. Looking for another houseplant that needs little light? Then consider a. Pancake plant or Bromelia.

Houseplants are not only beautiful but also purify the air

A great atmosphere, cleaner air, and more general happiness when looking around in your house. What's not to love about houseplants? Check out our webshop and order your new fresh houseplant online at LittleTree!

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