How to Clean Your Houseplants

How to Clean Your Houseplants

Here's how to clean your houseplants at just the time of year they may well need a spruce up. After the summer months, as we head into fall, you may find plenty of cobwebs, dusty leaves, and some leaf drop. After the growing season, many plants slow down, ready for the colder months ahead, so now is a good time to give them some attention and keep them looking clean. There are many ways to clean your plants from the myths and truths, so here are the ways we think are the best for your plants.

Why Clean Your Houseplants

You don't only keep your plants dust-free to look good, but it will also help keep them healthy. Your houseplants help to clean the air of toxins and are very good for your well-being, so as they work hard to keep the air fresh, it's only right to give them a clean-up every now and again. This will also help to keep pests and diseases at bay and allow them to continue thriving. Photosynthesis will occur better when there isn't a layer of dust on the leaves.

Use a Cloth and Water to Clean Your Houseplants

One of the easiest ways to keep the foliage clean is to use a damp cloth and gently wipe the leaves. You may want to add a small drop of washing-up liquid, but this isn't necessary. You can also mist spray your leaves and gently wipe them as well. Repeat this every month.

Give Your Houseplants a Shower

  • Remove the outer pots and take your plants off any trays they are sitting in.
  • Turn your shower on and allow the water to gently wash the leaves, all while watering the pots.
  • Make sure the water drains out of the pots before placing them back in their outer pots on trays.
  • Cold to very slightly tepid water is best. Never use hot water.

Houseplants Leaf Cleaner

There are many products available that can be sprayed onto the foliage or cloth and then used to wipe foliage clean. They are great at giving larger leaves, especially, an incredible shine. Make sure you read the instructions, and remember, organic is always best.

Clean Your Houseplants Outside in the Rain

Rainwater is the best for houseplants because that's what they would enjoy in their natural environment. Every once in a while, when the weather is ideal, pop them outside for some fresh rainwater. It will also clean the foliage and make your plants very happy. Make sure you check them over for bugs before bringing them back inside.

Clean your houseplants by using one of the methods we've mentioned. Are you looking for a new green friend? Our centre offers a large stock of houseplants. Discover large houseplants and mini houseplants. Our staff is always happy to give you advice on houseplant care. Explore our houseplant section and look for accessories as well. Check our opening hours on the website and visit us in store.

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