7 tips for a lovely Hydrangea

7 tips for a lovely Hydrangea

A hydrangea is a sheer delight. Those beautiful large bulbs with numerous flowers in lovely blue, pink or white! No wonder they are so popular in Ontario! Want to know the best tips for keeping it in top condition? Let us share our tips with you!

Tip 1: Ideal location

Hydrangeas can be placed in every conceivable place, but have a preference for a half-shade spot! They need a couple of hours of shade on a daily basis. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the soil. It has to stay moist. 

Tip 2: Soil

When planting your hydrangea, fill the hole with special hydrangea soil. Of course, we have this special soil available for you at our garden centre. This soil will give your plant an extra boost! Water it well during the first 4 weeks after planting!

Tip 3: Pruning

Hydrangea macrophylla 'Early Blue' should be pruned in March or April. For panicle hydrangeas, pruning should take place at the beginning of April. In both cases, you can prune them above the first new buds. Looking for good tools for pruning? Just come by the store, so our staff can advise you of our options. 

Tip 4: Blue flowers

For blue hydrangeas, the PH level of the soil can interfere with the colour. Fortunately, there is a special Hydrangea Blue Maker to help keep the fantastic colour in good condition. Obviously, we also have this product available to keep your hydrangea perfectly blue!

Tip 5: Neighbours

Do not place your hydrangea next to a large tree. Its roots are often so deep that they use up all the water and nutrients in the soil, leaving little for the plant to grow on. That is a shame! It deserves a place in the spotlight!

Tip 6: Soaking

Before planting the plant, it is a good idea to immerse the root ball in a tub of water for a few minutes. This allows the root ball to soak up the water and create a water reservoir. This way it helps the plant to get used to his new spot. 

Tip 7: A dam

As hydrangeas love moisture, it is a good trick to build a dam of earth around their stump. That way, a little extra water always remains and does not run away!

Find your Hydrangea at LittleTree Garden Market

Obviously, everybody wants an eyecatcher like the hydrangea in their garden. They look great in a garden but also do well in pots! However you place them, they are always a steady eyecatcher! If you have any questions about hydrangeas and the different types, feel free to ask our plant team! They will be happy to help you!

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