Easy to grow vegetables

Easy to grow vegetables

If you want easy to grow vegetables for your allotment, garden, patio or balcony you’ll be pleased to know there are many! The most important thing to remember though is that the easiest to grow depends on knowing your garden and soil. If you have a shady garden, the easiest to grow plants will be those that grow better in shade. The same applies to sun and different soil types. You might find growing Carrots easy in sandy soil and Sweet Potatoes in a sunny spot. However, there are some that are generally easier to grow for most people and spaces and many will grow easily in pots as well. 

Grow Your Own


No matter what space you have, you can easily grow potatoes. All you need are some seed potatoes that can be planted in the ground, in a container or in a grow bag. Place them in, cover them with soil and as the foliage grows top them up with more compost to cover the foliage. It can be helpful first to ‘chit’ the seed potatoes on a windowsill which means placing them with the eyes facing up and planting them after they have shoots and after the frosts have passed. 

Root vegetables 

Some of the tastiest vegetables include carrots! They are a joy to harvest, taste wonderful and can be found in many colours and shapes. Purple and white carrots are now becoming more popular and shorter or even round carrots can be grown. Don’t forget even if they aren’t perfect, they are still perfectly edible. They do prefer sandy soil and can be grown in containers as well. 


Squashes include courgettes and pumpkins which can easily be grown if you have some space and can feed your soil. Apply some well-rotted organic matter before planting them out and water as needed. It’s always amazing to see such big vegetables grow from small seeds!

Peas and beans 

Runner beans, climbing beans, broad beans and peas are all generally quick to germinate and easy to grow with some support and protection from birds. They also fix nitrogen in the soil and the flowers will look pretty and attract plenty of pollinators to your garden. 

Onions and garlic

Growing onions from seed is easy but even easier than that is to plant out onion sets which soon root and before you know it you’ll have some onions or even shallots. Garlic can be grown from individual cloves and both will require some good quality compost, kept free of weeds and water when needed. If you plant out young plants keep them protected from birds who might pull them up.

Browse vegetable seeds

Growing from seed or plug plants is a great way to get started with easy veg and we have both in-store. Come visit us for more inspiration!

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